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Is your child struggling with a language-based reading disability such as dyslexia or ​word-level ​reading difficulty, including word recognition and phonological awareness? Or perhaps they ​need support with speech production and language skills? Personalized speech-language ​therapy services provided by an Orton-Gillingham trained SLP may be beneficial!

It’s the right of every child to have ​foundational skills required to ​access the endless opportunities ​communication offers. Our ​evidence-based and ​individualized intervention builds a ​strong foundation for success oral ​and written language.

Services provided at ​Language Link, LLC can ​supplement intervention and ​instruction your child is ​accessing in the academic ​setting.

While literacy is a core focus ​at Language Link, LLC, ​additional services are ​offered, including: speech ​sound/articulation therapy, ​and AAC facilitation.

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Anna Hodnefield, MS, CCC-SLP, is a speech-language pathologist who ​provides personalized, evidence-based speech and language therapy to ​children in the Brainerd lakes area.

Language Link, LLC was established to provide essential literacy and ​communication intervention tailored to meet each learner's needs. With her ​unique expertise as a speech-language pathologist and degree in ​elementary education, Anna supports oral and written language skills, ​helping children excel in speaking, listening, reading, writing, and spelling.

Speech-language pathologists play a crucial role in addressing language-based reading ​difficulties and disorders. With training in language development, communication disorders, and ​cognitive processes, they can provide therapy to advance overall academic achievement.

Anna has also completed the Comprehensive Orton-Gillingham Plus Training, a program offered ​by the Institute for Multi-Sensory Education that focuses on assessment and intervention in ​areas such as phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, word ​recognition, spelling, and writing.

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Phone ​consultation

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The first step - schedule a ​phone consultation to discuss ​the need for personalized ​speech-language therapy.



An initial assessment will ​determine whether our services ​are appropriate.

Services offered:

Articulation and speech-​sound therapy, expressive ​and receptive language ​support, and facilitation of ​augmentative and alternative ​communication (AAC), with ​each session incorporating ​literacy.

One-on-one ​sessions

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Each client receives one-on-one, ​personalized therapy with our ​speech-language pathologist.

Support is offered in-person ​throughout the Brainerd lakes ​area, & via zoom.

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email: Languagelinkslp@gmail.com

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Private pay Services

We utilize a private pay model, which minimizes the administrative requirements ​associated with insurance billing. This enables us to focus more on providing high-​quality services without the stress of complex reimbursement processes, resulting in ​more reasonable pricing per session and greater flexibility with service duration.

Our private pay system has another advantage: it allows us to offer a wider range of ​services that may not be covered by insurance. With this flexibility, we can customize ​our services to meet the unique needs of your child, including specialized programs ​and advanced therapeutic techniques.